Mannar PEACE BRIDGE 2010

The government of Japan has funded approximately US$ 95 million by way of project assistance for the development, and welfare
of the north, and the eastern areas of Sri Lanka, after the year 2002. It includes ‘PEACE Project’ for the rehabilitation of irrigation facilities, ‘MANRECAP Project’ for the community development of conflict affected communities, non-project grant aid for tsunami rehabilitation, etc.Approximately 40,000 people living in the Mannar island will be directly benefitted by this project by way of safe, smooth and increased inward and outward movement of people, and essential commodities. It will also facilitate the resettlement of IDPs from a humanitarian aspect. In this context, the Mannar Bridge could be seen as a ‘Peace Bridge,’ which would help the restoration of livelihoods of the conflict affected people, and communities in Mannar.Under the preliminary designs, which were also funded by the government of Japan, the bridge will be reconstructed with a span of 157.1 m in length and 10.4 m in width, and improve the causeway up to 3.14 km in length, and 11m in width on the Medawachchiya–Mannar–Thalaimannar (A 14) Road.The existing bridge and the causeway have been the only access roads to the Mannar island from the mainland. The existing bridge is now in an unstable state; a weak temporary bailey bridge of narrow width causing immense hardship to the people, and their daily transportation. IThe grant funds which will be utilized for reconstruction works of the bridge and the causeway, amounts to approximately Rs. 1,650 million (Japanese Yen 1,836 million).The reconstruction work is expected to be completed in 2010. The Road Development Authority, under the supervision of the Highways and Road Development Ministry will implement the Project.
The existing bridge and causeway connecting the Mannar Island were constructed 70 years ago with a single lane and narrow in width. This is the only access road to the Mannar Island from mainland. The bridge which was damaged due to the bomb blast in 1990’s has been restored with a temporary bailey bridge, narrow width and restricted to vehicles over 10 tons. Approximately 40, 000 people living in Mannar Island predominantly fishing community will be directly benefited by this project due to improvements in market accessibility and facilitation of smooth transportation

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